Monday, 28 October 2013

Valencio's Story is now available on Amazon.

as well as Smashwords:

The books are broken into four ebooks called  'Wizards' Slave,'  'A Change of Fortune,' 'Freedom'  and 'A Time of Testing.'

If you prefer your books in paperback form, then there is the first, around 600 pages, 'Wizards' Slave,'  and the second called  'A Change of Fortune,'  which includes the ebooks titled:  'A Change of Fortune,' 'Freedom'  and 'A Time of Testing.'  Altogether around 500 pages. 


  In the eyes of the Kobi family of wizards, ordinary humans are the dirt-people, mostly ignored, sometimes of use. They are convenient subjects for spell-practice, and they like to keep a selection for use as sex slaves. Valencio is one of the slaves, the most troublesome they’ve ever had – and the most desired.

‘Valencio’s Story’ is no simple adventure or romance. There is heartbreak and despair. There is also courage, friendship, and loyalty.

The great and powerful Kobi family of wizards is known and feared throughout Arabia and Asia. Adil, Ahjmed, Yiko, Hicham and Brahim - their very names strike terror. They are unbeatable - so they think. There is 'The Great Wizard, John Bellamy'. What sort of a wizard could defeat the family and yet not kill or injure a single one? But if the family is defeated, what does it mean for their slaves? What does it mean for Valencio? 

There are a lot of adjustments for the former slaves,  Valencio has been a slave for eighteen years, Tasha for even longer.  Even the youngest girls, Brigitta, Inge and Evita, have been prisoners for three years.

It takes time.

Valencio feels there is a terrible weakness inside him - that he had grown to enjoy what they did to him.  He may have fought against it, may have managed to kill one and injure a few more, but he'd also tried to kill himself. 
He should stay where he is safe.

But he's an actor, he loves acting.  Hollywood beckons.

Will he succumb to renewed temptation?  Or will he survive his time of testing? 

(A hint - I don't believe in tragic endings.) 


  1. Hi thanks for making your books available at Smashwords. I love them since I couldn't get anything from Amazon.

    I have just read John Doe and loved it. I've reviewed it at Goodreads and also posted it at Smashwords.

    Will be reading Wizard Slave fer sure. ;)

  2. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy Wizards' Slave. It is a great deal longer than The John Doe.