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Wizards' Slave by Veronice Ceccarelli

Wizards’ Slave by Veronice Ceccarelli

Reviews for Wizards' Slave:

This is such a strange and compelling story. As a modern, somewhat enlightened person, it was difficult sometimes to wrap my head around what the wizard's are thinking and why they do what they do. I wanted to hurt most of them myself, even kill a few. It made reading their thoughts and actions almost painful at times, but I came to care so much for Valencio that I forced through to the end. I've got the others lined up to read, as I can't let this boy's story go.
It was dark and, at some points, hopeless, but there was always a small shimmer in the distance. It was worth focusing on that to keep going.   

Amazing book, horrifying situations but so brilliantly written we feel so much for poor Valencio and his friends. 
I actually took a day off work to finish this book-its gripping.

This was a long read, and totally gripping. Valencio is a boy of twelve, taken by wizards to become a sex slave. There are others, but he is the only male, and becomes very special to them.
It was a story sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes inspirational. I became very caught up in this story.

This book was gripping, and yes, in parts it was very sexy.
There was something else. If there were no wizards and magic, it could be regarded as a work of pure literary fiction - a study of sexuality. Valencio was a captive and a slave, but in his later teenage years, there was his guilt and shame, multiplied when he could not help but enjoy the sex. His conflict, his despair, his fights, his hatred of the wizards and at the same time, something like a love for his last master. Something close to brilliant.

Wizards' Slave is available at Smashwords and other online stores.

Sequels: A Change of Fortune (free)
and A Time of Testing.

These four books make up Valencio's Story.

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