Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Catnip by Valerie Tate

CATNIP  by Valerie Tate.  

The ebook only 99c, a paperback also available.

What can go wrong when an elderly matriarch leaves the family fortune to her cat? Just about everything, including ‘catnapping’ and murder! CATNIP is a mystery set in the picturesque town of Dunbarton, Ontario, and tells the story of what befalls the dysfunctional Dunbar family, and the chaos that ensues, when the matriarch of the clan leaves the family fortune to her cat.

That formidable feline proves to be more than a match for the humans in his life, until one fateful night when, caught unawares, he is stuffed in a sack and carried away. A nosy neighbor with a nasty, suspicious mind points the finger of suspicion at the Dunbars and Christopher Mallory, the young attorney who is the trustee of the estate, and under the terms of the will, they face losing everything. When a murder occurs, Christopher finds himself confronting a ruthless killer who would do anything to conceal his or her identity, including to kill again.

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By Carol - Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a fun mystery. No excessive gore, no murders added to keep the plot going. Just an eccentric and rather tyrannical old lady who leaves her fortune to her cat, Marmalade, for life. After he dies, provided there's no suspicion attached to his death, the money goes to her granddaughter, Angela. If there are doubts in the lawyer's mind, however, it goes to the Animal Protective Society.

The idea is to encourage the family to buck up and be more self-sufficient. That happens, but not the way she'd hoped. How to guess that the lawyer would figure out a way to save the family business, turn Angela's shrewish mother into a likeable lady, and fall for Angela while working these miracles? Or that someone would kidnap Marmalade, leaving the family- lawyer included- suspected of doing away with him?

There are lots of unexpected, often humorous, little twists before all the loose ends, including a murder, finally get tied up so that Marmalade, and his humans servants, can start thinking about happily ever after.


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