Monday, 31 October 2011

This month's special recommendation: Best Book.

This is the place where I nominate this month's best book  -  except that sometimes, it will be this week's book, or this '3-months' book, depending on how much I am reading, and what I find.

A sequel to an all-time absolute favourite - 'Not a Man' by M. A. McRae now has a sequel published. It is called 'The King's Favourite.'

Already it has several 5 star reviews. The first, 'Not a Man' has almost all 5 star reviews. It is an exceptionally good book.
Here are some reviews for this one, including mine.
Veronice Ceccarelli on June 04, 2012 :
I was totally wrapped in 'Not a Man,' the first book about Shuki. This one is a sequel, but a completely new story. Once could read it without knowing anything of the first. How many books does one read with a eunuch as a hero? Not a man or a woman, but something between, something special. Gentle, wise, compassionate, feminine in some ways, and yet he can kill, and does, quite early in this story - an incident that's like a prelude to the real story of the king who winds up with Shuki as his beloved companion, but also as a slave, valuable and very well guarded.

* Zimsuvig:  'Not a Man' is the story of a boy who comes from the disease-ridden slums of a city of Arabia. He has seen siblings die of hunger. But then his life changes when a rich man takes him for a bed-boy.
Shuki is a complex character, bright, cunning and sometimes ruthless. He is not cruel, but when he believes it is needed, he will act without mercy. In the first chapter, something awful happens to him - his master has him castrated. But in the second chapter, we begin to see that Shuki is a very long way from being a mere victim - he poisons the doctor who did what he'd been told was 'a small operation a bit like a circumcision.' Shuki is a fully realised and quite complex character.
I very much enjoyed this book, and really did feel as if I'd been on a journey, Shuki's journey. This is a most rewarding read.
Debbie Bennett:  The continuing story of Shuki, a modern-day eunuch. Sold by his own country to be a slave to young king Feroz, Shuki never forgets his childhood "family" and yet finds contentment and even love in the strangest of circumstances.
This sequel to Not A Man is again rich in characters and detail, dragging you into middle-eastern culture with all five senses. It positively reeks of authenticity, with hints of the world political events of the late 20th century anchoring the story. Yet again McRae doesn't shirk from the day-to-day details of Shuki's life - from political adviser to the king and all the court intrigue that entails - to the king's sexual preferences and his obsession with Shuki.
A powerful and addictive read that kept me up late for two nights.


And here is a treasure for romance lovers:

'Becoming Edward' by Faye Meredith,
Editorial description:  Rachel's hooked on Twilight and is in love with Edward Cullen. Clive is obsessed with Rachel but he's no Edward. Lewis is in love with himself until he meets Rachel. Both boys fail to win her until one of them has the bright idea of becoming Edward. This light-hearted teenage novel is for young adults who are fans of paranormal romance, especially Twilight and Breaking Dawn.

A review by Jacqueline M. Smith
As a Twilight fan I was skeptical when I came upon this book. I thought it would be some kind of parody or fan fiction and I wasn't interested in that. Turns out it is neither of those things. It's brilliant!
The idea that someone would become Edward for someone is such a smart idea! Everyone has changed something about themselves for someone else at some point in their lives, this is just on a grander scale.
This book is smart, funny and well written. It's a really fun read and I did it in one afternoon. There were parts that made me laugh out loud when I read them! My favorite charachter is Rachel, who is no Bella Swan!
If you're a Twilight fan, this is a MUST READ! If you aren't a Twilight fan, it's still funny!


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