Monday, 31 October 2011

Cheap and free ebooks

Here are some cheap or free ebooks you might like, all of them available on either Smashwords or Amazon or both. To buy the paperbacks, the Book Depository is good, because they have free delivery.

Quite short books, not easy to categorise.
Charlotte Castle:  'Simon's Choice.'  Very good.
Jessica Degarmo:  'Six Weeks.''   Very good.

Tom Winton: 'Beyond Nostalgia.'


Faye Meredith, 'Becoming Edward'
Jessica Degarmo:   'The Storm Within,'
                         and "How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket.'
Violet Jones:  'The American Girl.'  girl/girl romance
Joanne Ellis: 'Spoilt.'
Cyndi Tefft:  'Between'  romance with fantasy elements.

Romances with Fantasy Elements:

Anything at all by Samantha Towle. 

Scott Strosahl:  'Framed' and 'The Nazi Conspiracy'
Richard Bard:   'Brainrush.' This one is excellent.
Katy Walters:  'Phobic Dawn'

Tony Lewis:  'If Only I Could Talk.'  I loved this one.
Catnip by Valerie Tate.

Science Fiction:

Ian Smethurst:  EDF Chronicles,  The Krenaran Massacre,  Well written and exciting

Sessha Batto:    'In Dreams'   Erotica of the male/male variety.  Well written, well plotted, and sexy.

A feel-good book:
Jilly Paddock,  ‘No Earthly Shore’

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