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My books.

I have chosen the flower of a passionfruit as my avatar - the passion flower.
My books have passion -  not the sort of shallow passion shown in trashy romances - but real passion.

Look for the four books of Valencio's Story: 
'Wizards' Slave,' 
'A Change of Fortune,'
       and 'A Time of Testing.'

Book One:  Wizards' Slave

Description:   In the eyes of the Kobi family of wizards, ordinary humans are the dirt-people, mostly ignored, sometimes of use. They are convenient subjects for spell-practice, and they like to keep a selection for use as sex slaves. Valencio is one of the slaves, the most troublesome they’ve ever had – and the most desired.
An excerpt from the book:  Faheem Kobi-Wynn watched a film on a large screen. The child star was Valencio Durano, Italian. The black-haired waif turned big eyes to the camera, looking pathetic in rags, but then shot a mischievous grin at a companion and was next seen bolting after stealing a wallet.

Faheem  wanted to try a boy, and this was the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen. He nodded to the servant, approving the choice. In due course, the boy would be brought to him, untouched until he could have him. Meantime, he wasn’t sure what he wanted, but wandered to the Enclosure and asked that there be a line-up.

Reviews for Wizards' Slave:

* This book was gripping, and yes, in parts it was very sexy.
There was something else. If there were no wizards and magic, it could be regarded as a work of pure literary fiction - a study of sexuality. Valencio was a captive and a slave, but in his later teenage years, there was his guilt and shame, multiplied when he could not help but enjoy the sex. His conflict, his despair, his fights, his hatred of the wizards and at the same time, something like a love for his last master. Something close to brilliant.

* This book totally caught my attention and kept it. Certainly there was erotica, some of it toward the end of the book was very stirring and yet never crude.
But it is a lot more than that. The hero, Valencio, had me so much barracking for him. There is a hint that freedom might come for him in the next book. I am waiting for it.
Very good indeed. I loved it.
Valencio’s Story: Book Two.
All through Arabia and Asia, the world of wizards knew and feared the powerful Kobi family. Adil, Ahjmed, Yiko, Hicham and the young Fighter, Iyad – their very names struck terror. But they made a mistake when they tried to extend their territory to include the Western world. The great wizard, John Bellamy, was not renowned as a Fighter and seldom interfered in matters of law-keeping. Yet he was more powerful than any other. When John Bellamy interfered in the affairs of Kobis, things began to change.
Valencio had long since given up hoping for freedom. It was impossible, the wizards too powerful, their spells too effective. The Kobi Fighters thought themselves undefeatable. They were wrong. A Change of Fortune is Book 2 of Valencio's Story.

 Valencio's Story: Book Three. 
Loch Carrikh - three thousand acres of misty mountains and gentle rain, just as Valencio had sometimes dreamed of. An ancient ruined castle that the wizards had made safe again, a loch that glistened in the sunshine, mountains shrouded by mist – it was a lovely place. But they were looked after by wizards - still controlled by wizards as it seemed to Valencio. He wanted to leave, but Tasha only felt safe within the bounds of the home that John Bellamy had made for them.
But Bellamy reminded Valencio of Yiko. Sometimes he thought he was to be trusted, sometimes he was sure it would be better to live far away, somewhere no wizards would know.
Book Four:  'A Time of Testing.'   Many of the the freed slaves were becoming independent, with jobs or businesses. Some were too damaged, and would stay at home, safe. Valencio? There was a weakness in him, he knew. What if he was tempted by a man? What if he succumbed? Would it destroy him? The freed slaves had a beautiful home, and more importantly, a safe one. The castle and three thousand acres of Loch Carrikh were loved by its residents, and appreciated by its visitors. Valencio enjoys being a farmer and he enjoys helping entertain the guests.
But then there is the film, ‘Son of Satan.’ Acting. It was what he was made for. Valencio leaves the safety of his home.
This is Book 4 of the Valencio series, and the conclusion.

 A review
Finished. This was a great series. I especially enjoyed the ending - that there were hints of a tragedy to come, the allegory of Vince's struggle with the stormy sea, for instance, but in the end it was not a tragedy.
I found the last chapter satisfying. Well written as always.
I recommend this whole series.

These books are available on Smashwords as ebooks.

FREE:  'The John Doe.' 

They would have liked to know who the John Doe was, but more importantly they wanted to know what he was. And what was his power, the power they did not understand? He could not be allowed free. He was not an ordinary man.
John thought he was an ordinary man, but maybe a hollow man, without memory, without a past. That strange power they spoke of - He didn’t quite believe in it, but if he was ever to find freedom, he had to first find his power. He wanted to go home. He didn’t know whether he had a home, whether he had a family, but still, he wanted to go home.

A review for 'The John Doe' 
Gripping book - I had a quick read at work, and then a bit more, and then a bit more, and then finished the book that day at work ...... not having done much work.
This is a simple story, well told, and it grips you, and you have to keep going to see what is next. The author has the gift of not just telling a story, but of giving the feel of being part of the story.
Damn good for $0.99.  

Note that 'The John Doe' is free in the hope that the intrigue and quality of this book will lead readers to actually pay money for others of my books.
So far, I've discovered that there are hundreds of downloads of free books, but suggest a price, even a tiny price?  And suddenly no-one is interested.  Very sad.

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